Do people actually enjoy this?

Do people actually enjoy this?

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I think i watched like 2 episodes. It was ok

>we say a bad show is good
>newfags watch the bad show
>this is funny
Of course people enjoy this show, it is amazing.

im unironically too low IQ to get into it
maybe you are too

Why yes.

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yes its the greatest love story ever told

The admirals are cute and their interactions funny.

yes, at least I did; definitely not everyone's cup of tea.

Its top 10 on MAL for a reason. its a great show

Can you at least find another image for these threads?
Also Mecklinger is the best character. He doesn't do anything but I love him.

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yes because most people have more than 2 digit IQ points, something beyond you.

Just like game of thrones right?

It's literally not in the top 10.

what episode did it "get good" for you guys? the point where you decide that you are going to invest the time to watch all 100 episodes

Yes, I'm usually a petty contrarian but I have to admit as a whole it was very good.

Watched it for the first time ever recently and honestly it's still pretty good. A bit anticlimatic from time to time but still enjoyable

I'd say it gets good around the last ten episodes. It starts off pretty slow and boring but you just have to stick with it.

Kaguya chads we just keep winning.

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The part where a ship gets blown up and you see tons of people dying horrifically.

>losing to this dumb slut
Well now that's just embarrassing.

Best anime of all time
yes, I am a pseudointellectual. Suck my cock.

I watched the first couple of episodes three times, then the fourth time I powered through and by the 5th episode I was looking forward to seeing what's next

i watched overture for a new war first and was instantly hooked

>He doesn't do anything but I love him.
He maintains the supply lines and handles logistics. I actually love how he also get a medal because you can't really get MUH GLORY if there's no support system behind.

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