Real talk here, but why is anime so sexual? I'm being serious here...

Real talk here, but why is anime so sexual? I'm being serious here. All these years I'm watching anime and it really occurred to me to just sit and ask: why? Don't get me wrong, I love jacking off to anime tiddies every now and then, but sometimes I want to watch a show without feeling like I'm watching softcore porn. Most of the time it fills no real purpose towards the plot. Out of all the entertainment mediums, anime honestly has to be the most sexually charged. Why? What's the purpose?

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Sex sells

1) sex sells
2) stop being ashamed of sex just because an imaginary figure in the sky told you so

Cute and sexy girls, strong and attractive men sell. If you want to crash your show put ugly characters in it.

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Japanese are coomers. This is what the average Japanese man sees when he goes to buy manga.

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>Primary reason: Japan is not puritanical like the USA. Never was and never will, but it is forced to be because we forced it on them.

Japan historically used to be more open with porn/fucking and the like. USA took over and forced our standards on them, which resulted in all sorts of weird fetish shit to circumvent the censorship laws. Japan is more like the rest of the world and is more comfortable being nude and shit. Doesn't mean they aren't more conservative in other areas, just that USA is reverse to the rest of the world. We don't care about violence but care about nudity, while the rest cares about violence but not nudity.

Western media has ton of ugly people in it and it's extremely succesful.

Harenchi Gakuen.

It was a manga that ran from 1968-1972, and it's widely considered to be the first ecchi manga. Sexuality obviously existed in Japanese media prior to this, but this is the first title in the modern manga/anime style that focused majorly on sexual titillation. It was very popular, and is a key factor in why modern anime is so horny.

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You're addicted to pornography and it's destroying your dopamine receptors

I don't watch porn, stop projecting please.

because anime is primarily consumed by coomer manchildren and various other genetic deadends

Fuck you bitch, that's just a stupid myth

>>Western media has ton of ugly people in it and it's extremely succesful.
Shows tend to have a few one off characters that are ugly. But even then for the ugly characters most tend to be attractive ugly.
Name me a western media property that only had below average attractive people, or a majority ugly.

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go to any anime con and tell me i'm wrong. and that's the ones who are actually comfortable with attending social events.

but who's buying

Average anime consoomer.

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if it wasn't selling it'd have stopped. It's the same with isekai trash nowadays. It's trash, but why do they keep making it? The japanese love this stupid shit and are buying the LN, encouraging them to produce more of it. To answer your question, mostly japanese, since everything japan does, it does first to the japanese, since they're their highest source of income. The west is a drop of water compared to what the japanese generate in revenue.

Go to hell, heathen.

Personally I don't get really bothered by the sexually charged fanservice but I don't fap to it anyway, maybe I have stronger stamina of resisting to it compared to most Any Forumsnons out there.

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You're watching the stuff that is sexualized because it's aimed at horny teenage boys, horny adult women, or horny adult men. Those tend to be the things that get the most buzz in the West because of the lowest common denominator. Anime as a whole isn't oversexed, you just watch the oversexed stuff.

If you're watching it, it's for you.

Aimed at teens and early adults

I often don't like to use this word, but I guess in this instance it actually applies, japanese are based.

Well, there is more than than just sex sells, you see, there is these things called neoteny and synthesis, the japs somehow managed not just to learn to use both of them as an art but have turned it into an entire industry, it's not just that they had a literate large middle class for whom social interaction is highly regulated, but they insularity allowed them to keep certain perceptions towards sex which the west have tried to suppress either because religious belief or political ideology (christian view on sex and feminism) while the japanese have their own equivalents they lack traction, in the first instance they never had the social leviathans that are the abrahamic religious hierarchies, when it comes to sex they were up until the end of WW2 a society where the role of women were basically what you get in more buy-a-hot-slave isekai (note this doesn't mean every jap male before Hiroshima was an abusive asshole, in practice even in the most machist societies women still have a saying because at an evolutionary level is a biological suicide to grind your breeders into the dust).

So, we got a society who got injected with a lot of western values, including visuals, and has the skill, but were highly impervious to abrahamic morals and feminism, of course the end result was going to be lots of industrialized sex, they are just showing what at heart most men (and not few women) want to see but can't due social norm. And yes, this is the reason why anime and hentai are so widespread, if you add the "it's just fantasy" element then you can justify a lot.

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