One Piece

So going forward after Wano, are the admirals still a threat at this point if Luffy defeated a yonko?

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no, they are irrelevant now. you will never hear about them again.

Nah the Admirals are clearly opponents for Zoro, Jinbei and maybe Sanji or Usopp
Luffy will fight the Gorosei and Imu


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>Fujitora mogged by Doffy minions
>Ryokuk-how ever the fuck you spell it got mogged in Wano
>Kizaru got mogged by Ben Basedmann


Roronoa Zoro is for sex.

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they will end up being stronger than the yonkos just by pure inflation

Luffy needed 14 other characters to fight Kaido beforehand.

Akainu is still very much a threat to Luffy, but the others not so much. They may make good opponents for Zoro/Sanji though

Every character is only as strong as they need to be.
If Akainu needs to be a threat to Luffy, he will be.



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I’m stronger than the Admirals.

We know Mihawk

For Luffy? No, their time is gone, they are going to be the minibosses the rest of the Strawhats have to deal with.

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none of the admirals have any attacks luffy can't just bounce back or catch midair while in G5 and wield himself

3 admirals = 7 seraphim
1 admiral = 2,3 seraphim

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>not yamatrannies
kinda sus



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No oda please I can’t go back to prison

Kizaru (That Man (Vegapunk (Im))) is the biggest threat in One Piece.

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Carrot on the Sunny is a slow boil, similar to Yamato's imminent execution.


crab zoan would be cool

How many more hours until spoilers are expected to come?

What if that "that man" turns out to be Doffy and Caribou had no idea he's in prison since he's been stuck in Wano most of the time?


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It's an Uta chapter

Here's your spoilers
>Vegapunk appears
>Weevil defeats the marines sent after him but loses to Aokiji
>Something something Carrot


Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc. Just waiting for the arbitrary waiting period to run out.

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The only correct answer that all shonentard seethe when seeing simply because this throws all powerscaling out of the window, and they can't live without powerscaling the shit out of everything.

I don't see Luffy can tank a hit from Akainu.

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>nigga that moves at the speed of light and who Luffy has no devil fruit resistance against is not a threat, but the fucking lava guy is
Fujitora jobbed, but Kizaru is very much a threat to anyone that defies the World Government.

No problem at all if he's in Nika mode

Hope Momo opens the borders and uses Pluton. Else she'll never win the Luffybowl at this rate.

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Oh the one piece is real? How about you go get at least one piece of ass in your life?

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one piece but all the cew members are lolis

Fuck the Admirals, they have only themselves to blame. Instead of being proactive and crushing promising pirates, they sat on their asses until the problem became way too big for them.