What went so fucking wrong?

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Too much focus on shitty original characters, bad sex scenes taking up runtime, and the ending was rushed as fuck.
Also whoever designed Ryo's new look needs to be shot.


post webm of Miki getting fucked

Not enough set up for the pay offs, the only characters I ended up caring about were the rappers

>The hard cut to that runner guy getting assfucked

Shit almost killed me

>What went so fucking wrong?
They forgot to animate Satan fucking Arkia's corpse for 15 minutes straight

The Jinmen fight was done better in Cyborg 009 VS Devilman than it was in this shitfest kek

Donkey noises

The designs are shit when compared to the manga or the OVAs

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That reminds me; Cyborg 009 is apparently in the same universe as Devilman. I even saw Mazinga in one of the spin-off manga. Devilman vs Zeus or something.

Yuasa is a hack, but people didn't get bored of his schtick until crybaby

Not a single adaptation has gotten Jinmen right.

so, like the original devilman

Not even the OVAs?

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nothing, it was a masterpiece

because the retards behind this thought old=bad

Especially not the OVA.

it needs to be a hard cut to make impressionable viewers question their sexuality

It was good you fucking autists

>shitty original characters

I remember this being pretty good

It’s certainly *something*, but I just couldn’t form enough attachment to care about Miki’s brother, mom and dad. Plus Miki’s twitter speech before they lynch her makes me die a little inside from 2nd-hand cringe. The goofy-ass running animation doesn’t help it as well.

It was made for females. Simple as. Fujo pandering= shit