Uzaki chan

holy fuck she is horny
with how this series is going they might actually fuck

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>with how this series is going they might actually fuck
Doubtful considering any fanservice beyond typical "girl in different outfit" has been entirely absent for years. Reminder that we were getting areolae peeks for a couple volumes and that's been gone for a good while, shortly before Take deleted all his R-18 posts on Pixiv IIRC.
At best it'll just be that little meme dialogue box implying they had sex after some little event/happening and the series ends right then and there, which I guess would be amusing, but pretty lame when all's said and done. Showing Hana and Sakurai sharing a bed is much too risqué for this Christian manga and author now.

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he said they might fuck, not that it would go full H
it's very likely gonna happen but it would've never been shown even back then, you'd have to be retarded to think it was ever going to be anything more than soft ecchi

He could have been a cool guy and make a canon h doujin

>with how this series is going
Very badly? Honestly it feels like it's jumping the shark in the attempt to hold progress back, senpai has reached a level of wimpiness that feels stupid even for genre standards.

Dump new chapter here OP

She will face the final boss, the Dragon.

??? what
this series is like the only one moving at a normal pace with characters that don't act like they're in middle school
they already hooked up, met parents, and uzaki in particular said she literally wants to fuck

yeah he's being a bit shy but that's fine

It's is very rare for Romcoms to pull out the FUG
And if they do everyone fucking loses it
it's too risky

>characters that don't act like they're in middle school
>senpai unironically passes out with minimal romantic contact
You're right, they're a lot worse than middle schoolers. Senpai in particular regressed in maturity a hell of a lot since the beginning.

I don't think "hooked up" means what you think it does.

I miss the old Uzaki-chan with actual fanservice and boobs, now it's so boring

Yeh, if they get to it that can't get overlooked. I mean, it can, is just that it would be retarded if it did.

Why do you think I'm implying it would go pornographic otherwise? I even said a panel of them being in bed "after the fact" would be much too NSFW for this series now with how sterile it has become.
I know, but we're talking about what's shown in the manga visually, and I just said it'll be very, very tame considering the author's behavior in recent years. It's a very real possibility all you'll get is a little dialogue box saying they fucked instead of anything that would imply it afterwards considering how "safe" the series is now.
I'd like to give Take the benefit of the doubt and guess an editor stepped in and ruined the fun for everyone, otherwise the only other option is he just pussied out the past few years. Would be a bit weird though considering I think other series in the magazine are no stranger to nudity, but consistency isn't a strong suit for elevens.

bumping for no reason

My theory is she will see his dick and the tables will flip

>Reminder that we were getting areolae peeks for a couple volumes and that's been gone for a good while
Wait what, this is incredibly important information

Check the bonuses in the first few volumesm but it's never returned after IIRC.

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Oh yeah, been a minute