Top selling Manga August-September

What the fuck is World Trigger and why is it the first time I am hearing of it.

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Looks like it's a shonen/sci-fi/action series from Shueisha. Hope that helps.


Then why I havent seen a single thread from this so called popular series that is outselling both JJK and One Piece?

Because you're a newfag. It had steady popularity growth when it started, good enough to get a mobile game. Then the author got sick and went for a hiatus for 2-3 years, until he came back and release chapters on an irregular schedule now.

It's a smart series, but then the aithor got a lot of time to think and tweak it.

because your powerlevel is very low

Because we hide all the threads from potential console war shitposters like you.

Because we are on an English anime/manga site, and many manga have outsold popilar series like the ones you mentioned. I am sure if you went to a Japanese site it'd be talked about more. Also

We can't stop winning, except when it comes the the latest arc in which case we can't stop falling asleep

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Why is a newfag like you even doing this thread?

>nips are so autistic that they can make volumes sell out even in their sleep

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How the fuck is the big brother house arc selling so well?

I was very impressed how well made the last season was. The animation was too good for the IP.

Even if I wasn't too hot on the arc I'd probably still buy the book just for the extras

Ashihara won the bet against his editor and now he can pull the breaks even harder and double down on the Excel saga

I can't believe how popular it is. I read for a good while and it was just commentating on training fights for what felt like forever. Became bored out of my little mind and dropped it.

The thing is, it's rather particular in how it does things so naturally not everyone is going appreciate that but if you do it really sticks because there is nothing quite like it.

What's with the obvious WT shilling? Do you want shitposters in your thread?

Because it doesn't? World Trigger sells good but it's not on the same level of OP and JJK hell it doesn't even sells half as MHA.

>What the fuck is World Trigger and why is it the first time I am hearing of it.
It's a very popular manga, formerly WSJ. You're just hearing of it now because you're either 1. not interested in WSJ or 2. a raging newfaggot.

They clearly do want to ruin WT threads, for whatever reason.

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>Fuuto Tantei 7th
Kamen Rider friends we keep winning.