Shinka fucks _____

Shinka fucks _____

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me and my dogs

me. I'm a dog.

anyone but me

is she white?

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I've heard something before.
Big dogs that are well trained and know how to have sex with women can sell for a lot of money.
Prices range from $1000 to $3000.

Please do not post my wife Chino in this shitpost thread thank you

shinka gave me the dog pill


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why are mangaka like this?

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She's a lesbian you sick fuck.

>mean to the all important self-insert MC
>therefore she's an evil degenerate whore who fucks dogs

Otaku truly are fragile

Enjoy your ban

why do you fuck dogs, you whore?

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>shut-in incel thinks memes and his degenerate fetishes and Any Forums propaganda equal reality

you wouldn't be butthurt right now if you didn't fuck dogs

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Why would I be banned for defending the honor of my wife Chino?

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is shinka considered a gyaru


That's just you twisting your insecurities and fears into some sort of pathetic fetish. An excuse to fear and hate the rest of the world, "the evil modern Western woman", not like the good old days with your correct tradwives, not like the good girls in Japan who still have morals, right?

She pegs Yuuta every night

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Fuck off, she's a normal girl.
No, she's considered peak perfection. I wanna impregnate her and take responsibility

Now this is schizoposting

A hit dog will hollar

>he doesn't know

Spot-on description of Any Forumsfags

Kill yourself retarded chikafag nigger, you retarded subhuman dead meme was never funny.

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always wanted to say that hairclip looks like a vagina

Kill yourself retarded nigger

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