Would he do it?

Would he do it?

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He would "shoot" her with a "bullet" that temporarily incapacitates her enough so that he can report her "death" to any surveillance units.

Probably not due to his human side growing over his spy side as the manga progresses.

what is this aggressively watermarked low res nigger noise ridden mess
jesus fuck that ""artist"" must be insecure

why would he kill the woman who's carrying his children in her womb

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Loid would never show up like that in the first place. He'd be disguised as someone else.

>Replace her back with her pussy
>Replace his gun with his penis
>Replace the bullet with his semen
>Replace the gunwound with a creampie

Yuri is the father.

Loid is already losing braincells everytime he's around Yor. She's lying to him and he gobbles whatever she says to him.
he's smittened. he wouldn't be able to kill her.

Yor has too big boobs. Those would get in way of assassining

Yor won't get knocked up. It would gets in the way of her job.

This, legit that woman will get him kill.

her job is to satisfy loid sexual urges and bring world peace by making more children.

That would be the best moment to tell him she's pregnant.


Would that even do anything to her?

She got shot in the ass and the bullet did do damage

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she took a bullet to the ass, presumably dead on, and she just kind of walked it off. He's definitely gonna need something bigger than that pea shooter.

I wish I was that bullet sir

>bigger than a pee shooter

Doesn't work through text

I wish this was me

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Shouldn't she be the one with the abs?

and she has abs they are just not showing because her body fat isn't low enough.

Lloyd and Yor are pure sex

>She got shot in the ass
Will they animate this scene in S2?