Sousou no Frieren

Frieren anime is real

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Fresh leak for Any Forums only, Studios Bind will be the studio in charge.

Hopefully the staff assigned to it are any good

Will they give adopt the manga's deadface expressions

Arent they new?

WHA adaptation when

It only needs good VAs, OST and Background arts to be a great anime.
Most of the time it's just people talking so I think it is not very demanding, animation wise.

Winter 2024, Studios Bind.


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Already announced bro

Premise sounded interesting so I read this but it ended up being extremely boring. The artist being unable to draw facial expressions or interesting paneling/compositions don't help either.


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How many episodes you people think wano-dorado arc will take? My guess it will be 8-12 episodes.

why do they even announce shit without studio or year.
When can we expect at this rate? summer 2023?

Expected, but I'm excited anyways. Can't wait to see immortal elf loli's quest and adventures all animated.

I will never understand why this shit is still so popular. It lost its way so hard after the first volume.

Why? It's still rare to get straight fantasy battle (non-harems), which the other vols. are.

Oh my god, that's some good news

I liked the melancholic retracing of the old journey with an occasional battle here and there. The long arcs are all shit. Magic tournament was where I gave up.

There's too much news nowadays. So to prolong how long their product stays in the cycle, they dripfeed shit. It's fucking annoying and I hate how it's getting more popular than it was a decade ago.

I really like they are :| most of the time and go :) during special moments o can relate to that a lot