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what a bastard

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read the guide

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Anyone know whats the standard going price for an Ichiban Bandai prize figure? I want one, but not sure what a good price for them is.

Never used Japan rabbit before (white rabbit express) are they always this painfully slow? It's been more than 24 hours and they still haven't purchased what I wanted

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18-23 usd is what i see KanColle ones going for these days

Oo I love how the sleeves actually have fur.

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You will until you need to dust.

A makeup brush works fine on dusting small plushies as well as plastic.

Thanks user, that is good news. I saw some listed at $100 upon release, but the prices keep dropping. Now they are about $60, so I may wait till they hit $30 or $40 before buying.


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What's the best body pillow I can buy in the US? I need a new core for my daki.


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