Kunoichi Rindou

Rindou's winking brown eye

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I prefer girls who are bad at winking

I guess I'll continue here.

I think I've seen this? It might have been a chapter cover I feel, but not in color? Do I just have dementia?

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October 2019, he was organizing his drawings again and posted some drafts - these are the ones that were used for the website profiles.

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Is it just me or does he draw Tsubaki more mature looking in cross-series group pics?

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I think I've seen this but it's a belly worth reposting.

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thanks for the dumping

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Volume 4. Again Tsubaki looking older?

I'm just combing through to find stuff I haven't seen. It's weird how much I've missed.

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S2 announcement tomorrow.

Looks like a standard Shounen/Video Game cover, heroes looking defiant, Villian looking down on them smugly, you've probably seen it plenty of times before.

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Why is Asagao so underappreciated?

Takagi and Asagao eating.

I could have sword I've seen that particular Benis though.

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Urushi is like four years older than Tsubaki, isn't she?

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Reminder that Rindou was raised as a boy because there were too few otoko in her village and they needed to convert some of the girls into 100% pussy slayer leschads.

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This is the most villainous Benis, is this it?

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Didn't work though, did it?

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Takegawa Sumire from Takagi-san apparently, but at first glance I could have sworn it was Hinagiku.

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