Art director Kobayashi Shichirou has passed away

Work: Dokonjo Gaeru, Gamba no Bouken, Ganso Tensai Bakabon, Ashita no Joe 2, Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer, Nodame Cantabile

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Insanely huge loss
This guys work was everywhere

Meh, never gonna watch any of those.
Wake me up when someone relevant dies.

Damn, he worked on lots of god-tier stuff. Thanks for your work, senpai. Sleep well.



>Some shit dub actor like Chris fucking Ayres gets a sticky
>A respected veteran animator like Shichiro Kobayashi doesn't
Any Forums really is the worst board with the worst mods/jannies, huh

I give you ten hours to pin this, jannies

Only oldfag pseuds weeping over this desu

thread here

There was a thread back when the news broke on nip twitter.

Nobody's Boy Remi
Treasure Island
Aim for the Ace's movie
Castle of Cagliostro
Ashita no Joe 2
Space Cobra
Golgo 13
Beautiful Dreamer
Creamy Mami
Angel's Egg
Venus Wars
Hime-chan no Ribbon
Utena +Adolescene
YKK's ova

Truly one of the greatest at what he did.

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I loved Nodame Cantabile, especially the Paris arc, the scene of Megumi crying feeling inferior as a pianist, then she plays for the conductor, I cried

I'm not an enthusiast of the Dezaki style because it feels quite violent, but it's still very distinct and strong at how noticeable and vivid it is. It definitely echoes over several decades.

Still surprised his death didn't get stickied last weekend. I don't care for them nor find them necessary, but as a matter of principle, it's annoying. Shichiro's death has arguably been the most important this year, yet he goes by ignored by them gay jannies. The same happened last year with Yamamoto, of all people to ignore, why him?

Anyway, may he rest in peace. At least he had been retired for a decade, and it seems he was enjoying himself quite a bit, if this video is any evidence:

I am curious about what exactly you mean by "violent" there.



Aoi Hana
Melody of Oblivion

Definitely a contender for GoaT. Sleep well jiisan, I'm gonna miss your style.

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rest in piece, sticky this thread

F, he worked on a ton of kino.


RIP. Seems like he worked on a Hell of a lot of anime.

It fucking died and wasn't stickied wtf?