Made in Abyss

Live action looking good.

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Lyza is slamming pints somewhere in the 7th layer and basically you're all fucking stupid

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I'd watch it.

I don't see any possible way the live action adaptation can be good unless its some sort of spinoff about delvers never mentioned in the manga
Maybe some random schmucks in the Plummet Pub who bit off more than they could chew and get destroyed somewhere in the 3-4th layer
Even then it would probably still be shit

>unprotected sex

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What does he care? It's not like he's going to get pregnant.

You don't know what kinds of STDs people are bringing up from the lower layers

They said the same about Irumyuui.


Now this is what I’m talking about The abyss is family


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THE true treasure of the abyss

what's vueko's bodycount

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Imagine if you got caught watching Prushka masturbate and then and Bondrewd kills you (he had a monopoly on watching her). So worth it.

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Where can you actually download new chapters? Both madokami & that mega folder with a ton of MiA stuff are only up to chapter 52.

Just read it on any of the other 5000 mango dump sites

for me, it's ozen tying up marulk and natt and forcing them to have sex with eachother

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>barren, can't have kids
>clearly likes to fuck
>takes care of her friends and irumyuui

She deserved better

I want to actually have a local copy, not just stream it from a site. If I have to find some kind of program to download chapters off of mangadex then I'll do that.

Then buy the books

I already am, I still want to be able to keep TL'd scans as well.