Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

Chapter 104 is up

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C'mon Ichi. You're still young. You should have more energy than that. You'll need it

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cute dork

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>go away, talking by myself outside is bad
Wait so he's actually a schizo?


>ichi about to put on some muscle
yamada just wants a clone of her dad to be her bf

I'm no fitness expert, but that doesn't look like good form.

So basically the word bubble conversation in the last two panels of 11 and first panel of 12 is
>Yamada: "Which do you prefer, sweet or spicy tamagoyaki?"
>Ichi: "I like the sweet one!" (with "like" being the part he's yelling)

But if you take just that first page 12 panel in a vacuum and view what he's saying as the conclusion of his internal monologue's train of thought (which is obviously talking about Adachi's crush on Yamada) what he's saying there is "I like [Yamada] more"

>when you're physically weaker than your gf
Jesus that's embarrassing

>Adachi.... is my bro....
Nice one Ichi

What if he farted lol

She loves seeing him bent over like that.

It feels like they talked a lot this chapter, I enjoyed it.