You couldn't name a more pretentious anime

You couldn't name a more pretentious anime

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Ergo Proxy. There, happy?

stealth rec thread

This. OP can eat shit.

I am confused, what does pretentious mean exactly?

OP is a faggot


Really sad to see talented writers like Yoshida constantly get paired with hack directors making her look bad. And so the cult cannot dismiss my post with a singular buzzword, please defend the inclusion & usage of this character within the movie. You cannot do it so you'll ignore my post and sling buzzwords at the other posts in this thread.

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If you hadn't posted this I would've


some buzzword by people who like to turn their brain off when watching shows thrown at things that have a message

Ueno really just needed a good thorough fucking. Preferably when she is in her cat costume.

As least she admits she's a bitch and for that I can respect her to an extent.

Kawai on the other hand needs her face beaten with brass knuckles.

Its been a long time since I read the manga but I remember being enraged when I read that one chapter with her viewpoint towards the end.

i liked it because i could relate with the main character in a way i'm not usually able to. i used to bully this autistic girl back in high school and obviously in hindsight i regret it and wish i could apologize but i'm never going to see her again. anyway this is probably my favourite anime movie and one of my favourite mangos. might reread it again, thanks user

Not the anime I suppose, but the fans of LOGH are some of the most obnoxious and pretentious posters on this entire board

Great movie, it would have done better if they had delayed the release for six months though. Kimi no na wa killed everything for a few months.

Yeah and her line towards his friend. God she's horrid.

What? There's nothing pretentious about it. Just the typical boring and uninspiring kyoani show. People who only watch anime like it because they have never touched an actual drama movie in their life.

name a single western movie that compares

I don't watch western tv series, but I'm more than sure there are plenty better than a teenage drama about bully and depression, probably even on the same subject matter. If you want really good drama though, there are lots of good korean soap drama that are just plain better in every aspects. They are not always highbrow, and are highly predictable, but Silent Voice is all that, only worse

lol, ok