Fairy Tail

> basically every sequel series fucks up with the kids of the main characters
> Mashima already did it perfectly
How can one man be this based?

FT thread cause I need more Nasha and Greige

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non-canon theoretical designs

Did you watch his Gruvia day stream on the weekend? The final drawing was pretty cute.

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> non-canon
Cope more.

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Oh man I missed it cause of my cat's surgery, cute Greige!

Do you guys think there's a chance Mashima does a Boruto after Edens Zero and 100Q are over?

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I'm not sure, but I'd personally prefer just to keep sticking with the main cast for any future sequels. I've become too attached to them.

True, I already like the kids though so I wouldn't mad a sequel were they get a little more attention but the original cast stays there

>proxy shipping the gruvia and nalu kids

As far as the Edolas couples go they're very much canon.

Something on this thread is... Laking...

Oh, that's right!
Discuss Laki, admire Laki, post Laki, appreciate our wood goddess in all her versions.

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>I need more Nasha and Greige
And you will have it.

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Please No...

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new chapter when?

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I like Laki but she dislikes perverts, What should I do?

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Next week

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Sex with Natsu and Gray while Greige and Nasha watch

Not be a pervert.

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Why is mest the only man in the guild with good taste?

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I love my wife Wendy

Kyria is cute

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>Made Laxus kneel once
How can Mira even compete?

I miss Michelle

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