ITT: Unironic Good Isekai

I just watched shokei shoujo virgin road and I am very impressed by expertly it was written.
It took every element in isekai and actually fixed them

>introduces itself as a common wish fulfillment
>kills the self insert instantly
>introduce the real Hero who has an actual personality, making her stand out even better
>church is actually on the side of good, even if the leaders are corrupt
>risks exist at every conflict
>Hero's cheat is far from unchallengeable and actually backfires tremendously and continuesly
>a clear and cutthroat goal for the entire conflict, from beginning to the end.
>an actual interesting world building

The idea that powers come at a cost have always been used at every plot. But this one really took its patience and actually showed you what can, and would most definitely happen if you keep on using it.

That final boss was amazing. They really got the nature of Evil villain in a way that is actually stylish instead of being a tryhard

There are so many more elements in the show that they have yet to tackle. I can't wait to see how far this author can keep the entire plot consistent and on point.

S2 when?
Also, I heard that the self inserters raged at ep1 and raged even harder at yuri.
How did Any Forums react to this?

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every resoectable human hates yuri go fuck yourself


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>unironically praising reddit road

I enjoyed it and you can suck it

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I liked it but not how its fanbase sets it against other isekai.

Isekaijin being one of the problems was a neat twist but the church in this was utterly psycho in a way that came off as more cliche than anything, and even the protagonist fake-out didn't seem to add much except show up MC as an awful person (which they walked back a couple eps later).

Anyway for a good recent one watch 100-man no Inochi

>man-hating lesbian isekai

>muh subversion
What's the most straightfoward isekai you people enjoyed?



The self inserters are still raging, apparently

Suck it, boys
Nanoha, Saki, and Madoka have long showed that male MCs are USELESS

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It didn't really subvert anything. "Other isekaijin are bad but MY isekaijin is more specialer than those clowns" (doesn't matter if they're more evil or more heroic) is pretty common these days too

Based ffx appreciator.

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It subverted nothing
It repaired the cliches and made them actually pallateable

There was no agenda for self gratification. Just an actual good story

too bad I still hate women

Like it or not, it is what sells
Male MCs are for fujoshit

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Trolling outside of Any Forums or low quality post?

I would be surprised if they didn't do s2 eventually with all the plot hooks they stuffed in the final episode that could've easily been left out otherwise

Why hasn't Waka become a staple archetype of the isekai genre? He'd make so many series better with his presence.

>It took every element in isekai and actually fixed them
Not really, many of them are played straight in many isekai, and the ones in this show aren't even fixed or even that good.
You just deem it good because it pissed straightfags.

>self insert
>self insert
>self insert
Yep, pretty much the only good quality of this show.

Any Forums loves rem:zero and overlord, you won't find many people who like shokei shoujo here

>Adventurers are declared outlaws
>actual functioning government where the military hold monopoly of firepower
>powers come at a cost and responsibility

>entire world is a grim reminder of bad ends that await if you went all nilliwilly and gratified your own selfish desires

There are things you can nitpick about but overall, I deem it good under the reasoning that it actually wanted to tell a good story instead of the fantasies of an insecure neet

Hello, not new IP

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What would an isekai Wakka even be? Tomboy oneesan party member?

>good story
I guess if you have low standards or rarely watch good shows, good for you either way.

>it actually wanted to tell a good story
>still defaulted to superpower bullshit and isekai setup instead of actually putting in the work
Funny joke.

Alright folks, let's analyze OP for red flags, shall we?
>unironically using the term "wish fulfillment"
Red Flag 1
>unironically using the term "self insert"
Red Flag 2
>MUH subversion of the usual isekai!
Red Flag 3
>Comparing someone else to the "usual" [enter buzzwords here] isekai MC as having an ""actual personality"" in comparison
Red Flag 4
>church bad in some isekai means having church good is automatically a positive
Red Flag 5
>being a thriller makes it automatically good
Red Flag 6
>flaws and vulnerabilities make weapons and superpowers automatically good as long as they have an instruction manual included
Red Flag 7
>Lifestyle/Routine BAD, Goals GOOD
Red Flag 8
>unironically using the term "tryhard"
Red Flag 9
>ad-hominem jab at the audience of series that the show in question supposedly subverts
Red Flag 10

Final Evaluation: GENTLEMEN! Isekai bad! Subversion good! Upvote me!

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I like yuri but dropped that series around when the main girl was cornered by the evil pope lady or something, it got so incredibly boring around then

Yes, and at significant and alarming costs.
Final Boss is the latest cost of all the cheats she did

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Oh, come on
I enjoyed Pinky getting trolled by the Knight over and over

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