Lycoris recoil

How come Japan loved this pairing since episode 1 when we barely knew anything about them?

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Since the first key visual people already could see the genki x cool dark haired yuri pairing so that was easy.

They are made for Joker dick.


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>short bright hair (sometimes brunette/red)
>long dark hair
literally it
at least it's not blue x purple like negom's favorites

I feel like the only consistent thing is the long black hair somewhat autistic girl.

Does negom watch anime? I only know her because of Genshin.


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They can already sense how gay Takina will be at that time.

Chisato will marry Takina in episode 13.

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Post a happy ending that you want to happen.

So what's up with Shinji's high hopes for our girl

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He wants Takina to marry Chisato, obviously.

He could tell her latent gay energy would save his daughter one day. Mika too, since he was the one that took her into LycoReco in the first place.

Majima, Shinji and Mika all die
Chisato is cured
Takina and Chisato start living together(maybe they confess)
Erika gets a girlfriend
Mizuki gets raped by Walnut and becomes unfit for marriage

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Timeskip after the surgery, Takina and Chisato are living together and they go on a date.

Chisato and Takina hold hands and say how much they love each other. Then they show ChisaTaki living together again and sleeping in the same futon.

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3,000 soon.

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Heart problem resolved, Takina picks up Chisato and goes URESHII, Chisato cries, they kissu.

It's to make Chisato realize her talent, all the baits until now failed but Takina in danger will definitely trigger that.

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Takina confesses her love to Chisato and Chisato reciprocate it.

These lesbians are very sexy in Chinese dress.

Chisato and Takina squirting together

Chisato breaking her lifelong no kill rule for this cute autist would be poetic

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