Would you protect your teacher if both of you got isekai'd?

Would you protect your teacher if both of you got isekai'd?

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Shit teacher.
Teachers are made to have plump and fertile bodies.

There are few professions a loli could possess that would make me not protect her.

If she's a teacher wouldn't she be a loli baba?

I claim this thread for the footchads

Loli is a body type and she doesn't seem to have an adult personality, anyway.

Isekai but as Godzilla and the world has other kaijus, one of them is the waifu

>twist ending is that MC was actually just regular human size all along but the rest of the world and people were shrunk

>Go back to making balls hard

That would be immediately noticeable

Let just say that if the mecha didn't copy body language Emina would be dead.

not really

YOURE immediately noticeable
>screeches and throws all story notes to the ground

>Absorbing the essence from threads
Enjoy your qi deviation come tribulation time.

I'm mad there wasn't any description of the process.

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Whenever I come to these threads I always end up with at least 3 new manga added into my read list.

Have you ever heard of a Full Metal Alchemist? It's a classic native isekai, dont tell Any Forums i told u

I'm amazed the writer even got away with implications, it's not quite "his dragon entering her sheath" tier or fucking sword quenching metaphors but it's still pretty blatant in regards to the protagonist's sexual escapades.

Reverse isekai

>no skill screen
>no guild system
>no harem
Yeah no, it's not isekai.

How will she react once she gains the memories of the other regressions?

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>no skill screen
It's explained as Ed having already ascended and knowing all alchemy skills from seeing the Gate
>no gui-
Alchemists are a state military and he is a Named rank
>no harem
Winry won best girl as CF and did not betray.
Destroyed, next.

sure be it loli or big thicc milf teacher