Mitsuboshi Colors

I miss this show.

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Few other shows made me want to punt little shits quite as much as this one. They were pretty realistic

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I miss this show too. It was comfy.

These domestic terrorists needed to be stopped. At last the show is over and the world is at peace.

Imagine coloring the fuckers

Delinquents like these would definitely disobey the mask laws.

Imagine fucking the colors

Huh, Yui must be very hungry today

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Won't all the filling fall out the back end?

I’d watch 2 more seasons of these retards. I’d like another strawberry marshmallow and mitsudomoe too.

Clearly, Sacchan should cover the other end with her mouth.

10/10 manga

Is it to much to ask to see how these brats grew up?

If you really love them, prove it. Join their fight. Attack the security guards at your local park

Huh? I don't remember this episode of Onipan!

Mitsuboshi Condoms when?

Read the manga, it's great.

fucking kids amirite

Post lewds

you want unko that much huh

this desu, all Saitou had to do was take them to pound town