Why was a blonde, sexy 20 year old woman added as a "monster" in a monster franchise for kids?

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Not a woman but a bunch of data that made it look like a "woman". The bigger question is what kind of data makes you become a female angel.

Angels are monsters and I'm tired of pretending they're not

hentai data

>The bigger question is what kind of data makes you become a female angel.
considering the porn/non-porn rate on the internet, i'm surprised why there aren't more hot digimons

Real angels look nothing like humans retard.
She's clearly a human just with wings and a costume.

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reddit tier take. not every class on angel is some purely functional non-humanoid.

>not human
There you have it.

There are different types of angels in the bible. Some look like floating rings with eyes, or a multitude of wings, but some look like the type of angel portrayed in pop culture.

Sorry bro, your grandma lied to you.
Those beautiful beings with wings and a halo are completely made up.

The bible is very clear that real angels are monstrosities who are dumber than humans and lack the holy spirit. Hence why they are jealous of them.

nah she's 17 at most

>The bible is very clear
>I didn't actually read the bible

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No it is not meme kun, but it's nice to see internet made you so braindead you are not only no longer able of own thoughts and only capable of blabbering in stolen patterns
but also you feel smart and superior over your knowledge of *checks it* top comments under popular sfx short video from way back?
Good for you, bible and dudes writing it were way less creative than current special effect artists, I will even advise you to actually really read it and maybe even check out artistic depictions of "biblically accurate creatures" across ages

But don't try to checkmate people with achthually roman angels and cherubs r wrong, because one, everyone, even small children know it, so it makes you look uneducated or undeveloped by putting attention to it and second, some angels in old works were just totally generic human dudes.


will you ever take the "go back to rddit" hint

Yeah sure, that totally explains why all the faggots from Lot's story wanted to fuck the angels who went to Sodom

Yes, they wanted some weird angel pussy.
We know what Sodomy is, so what the fuck is Gamorry?

It's not that clear. For instance, archangels are part of the lower sphere but the top angels like Michael and Gabriel are also referred to as archangels.


Series that let you raise the perfect wife

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Jesus fuck, best baby digimon ever

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