Muh dad muh revenge

>muh dad muh revenge
>muh duel muh honour
>proceeds to ruin the lives of thousands of innocents, becoming just as despicable as the person he is trying to kill, if not worse

What the fuck?
Is the MC supposed to come across as mentally disabled or some shit? Because it's just not possible to have this little self-awareness.

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Is this the i have no media literacy thread?

>no argument

You've no idea how fucked up revenge can make someone. The kid had no choice but to stick with Askeladd and his ways if he wanted revenge as social media didn't exist back them he couldn't dm him 'where are you'? Also if you want Thorfinn in a more cuck pathetic peaceful no violence and regret of all the horrors he commited then you will love the next season cuck boy. Imagine being the dad to a pussy son like you.

You seem to lack self awareness too

The main character is Askeladd, the story ended when he sacrificed himself.

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>it's just not possible to have this little self-awareness.
o the irony

Nah, the story actually became better once he died.

You've not read the manga then idiot. Each arc gets worse and most people who have read the manga agree.

I didn't want the MC to be a pacifist moralfag you retard, I wanted him to have some basic level of introspection. Even a 5-year-old would've noticed that he's acting like a hypocrite if he was in his shoes.

Goes on big trip to sell whale unicorn shit ends up skipping the whole thing and throwing in pointless characters and pointless plots almost felt non canon.

Kill yourselves.

I have read it you retard. Farmland is far better than the shitty War arc.
>most people who have read the manga agree.
Most people I've seen like the later arcs far more. It's only this place that seem to bash them.

His self-awareness comes later

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You definitely had your head down a toilet all of school and if you didn't realize he was just a kid still a young teen that though hated askeladd saw him as a father figure as well hence he did a lot of the bad things he didn't know any different. I bet your no older by the sounds of it.

Too late.

No he has put forth a very valid argument if these are unironically your complains OP.


This is in a time where it was a dog eat dog world. God I'd rape your btch and your pacifist weak ass would watch as she enjoys it.

The entire arc is literally just one big introspection for Thorfinn though. He realizes the shit he did for revenge is wrong, which is also why he stops Einar from going down that path.

You're probably the type of person that says that he wants to die in war, but when the moment to be drafted comes you'll piss your pants and run.

Ignore OP dude is one fat fucking pussy and every girl that see's him just see's weakness. Vinland 1st arc had too much violence for him he wants to see vikings drink a cup of tea and stroke each other instead. Askeladd was best character yet OP hates everything about him rip