Arakure Ojousama Wa MonMon Shiteiru

Arakure Ojousama Wa MonMon Shiteiru has it all lads. Two yandre jackasses, one a rulefollower public morals committie member, and the other the principal's grandaughter desperate to set him up and get him expelled for lewd acts. The man is not having it. And so begins the tale of these two clashing pricks and i love it so much. But the real question is... does the author have some... sauce... in her past works? ;)

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For context she got her ass blocked over this. Yes, this is the type of guy we're dealing with

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Though yes, this manga is wonderful. Comedy gold with bits of genuinely good romantic drama here and there.

I meant tsundre sorry. I binged this all last night, just found out it restarted, and hot damn, it's horny, but in the makes my heart melt kind of way. That and I love a short hair tomboy that actually wins for a change

Is this the one that was written by a pregnant woman who injected all the pent up horniness into it?

Yeah you could say that, and I have absolutely no issues with it

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I swear, he's so based

Second most based character in the manga, right after the nurse

I mean she just spits facts

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Apparently there's a doujin called "Quiet in the library" by this author but I haven't found it


We need more of her stirring the pot.

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To that user who had the translated extra. Please dump it bro

I mean in recent chapters there's a lot bro. A LOT.

Wtf,which chapter was this??

The cauldron is boiling...

I need to catch up. How many has there been since the hiatus?

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don't worry about it, enjoy the ride

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Latest chapter came out on the 2nd I believe

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The woman that wrote this is one horny bitch I can tell you that much lol