CSMfags think this looks good

>CSMfags think this looks good

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>shounen fags think that looks good


>anyone thinks that looks good


CSMfag here, no I don't

Moefags think this looks bad

Yikes, dont show me this pic again

Can someone tell me what is shonen because I see anime like Vinland Saga/AoT be under shonen, so shonen can't be for young audience? also there's short animes that aren't under shonen magazine that are shonen?

stop posting about this boring irrelevant series

Nobody's defending this lmao

Ah so this what all the hype was about.

1st of all your screenshot is probs from a paused 480p youtube clip not wonder it looks shit, secondly all great animations have some scene that are slightly less detailed than others idiot don't clip one little second scene and cry.

Yes it looks soulless but it probably happen just during the fast fight scenes and can't be noticed by human eye anyway. Trailers looked great.


Very broad category. Basically anything for boys/young men under 20

One could say everything shonen then jesus?

>he posted it again
mental illness, absolutely obsessed

Nope, CSM just looks like shit.

if it runs in a shonen magazine it's shonen.

>Vinland Saga
Vinland started off being published in a shounen magazine, but later switched to a seinen one.

That's what I thought but it appears not in many cases