I'm not saying this anime is trash I love the idea of the Abyss very original and the animation/soundtracks are amazing but... this just feels mid just me? feels too cringe/childish.

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What other shows/media offer the same feel of mystery/horror/beauty? I have only experienced similar feelings while playing through sunless sea and sunless skies.

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Mushoku Tensei? in fact most anime?

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At least at a brief glance, the settings, style, and background seem generic "medieval" fantasy.

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I said I fucking like the Abyss idea? god damn pajeet!!!!

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Have to agree most the characters are shit boring as fk and pacing slow as fk.

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It's the opposite of childish. Not because of gore and edge but because characters feel more real than most anime and not idealised memes. Sure they dont compare to literature but the only really weak point of MiA is the awkward cringe fetish moments and that is it. It's very unique in a number of ways and I'd love to see a manga similar to that.

I don't really find a comparison. You join elements of comfy and thrilling, serene and sublime and you get MiA. It's an impressive feat honestly, had I been more acquainted with fantasy and scifi I could try to compare it to those but I'm not. Unironically it feels like Dark souls with lolis and shotas, that's the closest thing. But even then the atmosphere can get luminous, playful and serene, and that is lacking in Souls. It's like a fairy tale in some sense, a modern Alice in wonderland