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ngl I feel kinda bad for bleach fans

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It's so weird having all these uppity Bleach fans who talk Bleach up like high literature when back in the day it was put on a pedestal by high school kids and deviantArtists like Naruto

no, bleach was always the one for pretentious contrarians who wanted to seem mature because its LE DARK AND BLOODY when it had even worse censorship than Nardo lmao

>CSMfags are already coping
It's over, Bleachads won. Your FOTS will be slashed like countless others. See ya at Bleach's 30th anniversary.

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somebody post that screenshot comparing the number of views the csm trailer got vs the bleach trailer

Are you watching anime? What a fucking retard lmao

How is that even remotely relevant here? CSM has better lore than either of those series.

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>Getting mogged by fucking studio MAPPA

This is just embarrassing for studio Pierrot. There was CGI EVERYHWERE in the trailer

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I like Bleach and Chainsaw Man. I'm looking forward to watching and enjoying both. I'm also watching JoJo Stone Ocean and I'll also be watching Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Mob Psycho 100 season 3, and Vinland Saga season 2.

This is actually a really good season for anime.

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Fandom wars are exclusively for mexicans

Bottom pic is CGI

You are mindbroken

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>I'm also watching JoJo Stone Ocean

wonder if the board still useable during that time.

No u

Vinland Saga is January not October

i am BEYOND excited for the absolute surge of Rukia/Orihime r34 material on the horizon

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