Mikakunin de Shinkoukei 168

Hey kid, wanna /ss/?

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God I I wish I was one of the few of my species left, too

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Suetsugi is so cute. I'm glad that she's been getting focus recently since Hakua and Kobeni's relationship is practically stalled out.

Thanks for the dump.

this chapter had so many eyes lusting for sex, it was great

Just imagine how Konoha must look from Arata's point of view.

Here's an older girl, your future fiancee. She's so much more mature, planning trips and taking care of your sister. She's on the high school student council, can cook and bake, and never treats you like a kid. Though she's slim and below average height for her age, she towers over you with those long legs and that budding bosom, having already started feeling the effects of puberty.

Konoha must look like a sex goddess from Arata's point of view.