Okay Any Forums Pregnancy

Okay Any Forums Pregnancy
What is your opinion?

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Pregnancy is the expected outcome of sex between sexually compatible viviparous creatures. Therefore, it is actually surprising how little of it is depicted in anime.

ew, no

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It dipends on the anime's genre
it would be out of tune in a shonen like One-piece but it's ok in a seinen

As long as it is between one man and one woman, and they are married as God intended.

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a pregnant woman is used property. otaku aren't interested in runoff.

fuck no... i'm not paying alimony

So Otaku read self insert harem trash by the bucket load and then get upset when the girls they want to win and fuck the MC get fucked by the MC self insert? the fuck are you talking about? The only Otaku like that are the moe cgdct and the yuri kind


>Loli pregnancy

What manga is this?

yandex and google didnt work. what manga is this?

I think it is this one.

Why would a cute and pure girl who loves you enough to accept a harem and holds a strong desire to get impregnated in order to raise a child together leave you and try to ruin your life? Quit trying to bring real thots into anime and manga

I thought they were fat

still yes

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Oh whoops, that's the JP title/cover for volume 5. Here's volume 5 in English alongside volume 6 in JP (volume 6 just came out, so the English version will take awhile).

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The english versions are available on Amazon, I think, though this site lets you pay with paypal, too.

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I won't read anything that has pregnancy as the main point. It's either SOL about a pregnant woman or ecchi shit. I don't care for either.

How is the series selling? Is there any realistic chance for an anime? Things like interspecies reviewers, healer hero and slave labrynth all got animated with far more explicit onscreen sex than what this skips over.

Would be perfect without the harem angle, it doesnt make sense storywise. All the girls are candidates for the hero's mother but they all have children that are massively powerful heroes. It should have just been the angel for the heroes mother and the demon for the demon kings mother especially with how much focus and development those two get.

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