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Could Gon-san defeat Chrollo?

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Chrollo wouldn’t even be able to beat razor

Isn't Ging a turbo manlet? Why is giga nigga Gon-san so tall?

Because unlike most other mangaka togashi understands that children aren’t clones of their same gender parent

You can be taller than your dad you know.

>thinking your kid will be over 2m tall when you're a manlet

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his mom is 4m so it balances out

Male's are always taller than their mothers (you can check yourself if you don't believe me) and since we don't know who Gon's mother is, she could simply be a tall woman.

buy the togashi approved glasses

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Damn I guess Hisoka isn't gay

His mother must have been a big girl.

4 u

Chrollo can’t beat franklin already. Why would he be able to beat gon san?
Franklin is
>physically stronger than chrollo
>better enhancement than chrollo
>more destructive long range capabilities
>more destructive short range capabilities
>more destructive mid range capabilities
>an uncomplicated nen that is easily used without thinking
>extremely quick start up “lag” to his ability
>extremely lethal ability.
>he can just keep firing and make mincemeat out of anyone in his way
Chrollo gets mogged by a guy in his own team

Ging could’ve just been fed poorly as a kid, gone thru a bad puberty etc etc
Also the genes thing. He can be a carrier of tall genes without he himself being tall.
Height often skips a gen

more collabs announced today

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this is huge

Can Togashit wipe his ass?

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Feel like Franklin is the most underrated spider. He's also cool and composed and was the only one who didn't freak out when Chrollo was kidnapped.

the perfect height for standing BJs...
also, why is killua's face is so close to gon-san crotch?

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From what's been shown he's not very powerful but he could have some more power if he actually has to use it. Either way he's not considered to be among the "commando team".

If you're talking personality wise it's because Franklin is so chill that he's generally overlooked. I don't think anybody really hates him, but it's rare for him to be somebody's favorite Spider.