What's so bad about never feeling lonely?

what's so bad about never feeling lonely?

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I have schizoid personality disorder I am incapable of experiencing loneliness.

How does it feel to be lonely?

I honestly would have knowingly supported his project if I was part of NERV.

You feel completely rejected by humanity.

True it's a literal ascension of humanity. A heaven on earth

He did nothing wrong

Nothing but why force your schizo problems on people who don't want to be forever mixed with others? And if loneliness was his problem, his son was right there but he ignored him like a little bitch because he was afraid?
Not to mention that Gendo did this for himself and himself only this wasn't a dream about saving humanity. That's why it's so good when Fuyutsuki gets to see Yui and he doesn't

Never being alone is just as terrifying as always being alone.
Interestingly, the series doesn't end with everybody never being alone, but it does end with someone (Yui) becoming permanently alone for all eternity. I daresay she'll end up regretting her choice endlessly.

Some times you need some time on your own. Sometimes you need some time all alone.

The fact that this bitch got exactly what she had wanted all along, destroying the world twice in the process, and will now eternally suffer in perpetual maddening loneliness, cold and silence precisely because she did get what she wanted, is what made the end of EoE most enjoyable for me. Imagine the conceit, the madness, the self-deception it takes to come up with such a plan and tell yourself "yeah, sounds good, I'll be fine".

It's actually rather unclear what his specific variant of Instrumentality would have involved. I'm not betting it'd have been great for mankind. SEELE's variant was them becoming immortal in Eva bodies.

And what does that feel like?

Nothing. It just means you evolved into being more capable of existing on your own.

Instrumentality is essentially sacrificing humanity in order to become a God.

Yui's plan was what we got in EOE, a chance for humans to come back from Instrumentality as individuals. In either SEELE or Gendo's scenarious humanity won't be given a choice.

All versions of Instrumentality leave a lot of questions unanswered.
SEELE's version seems to have been to use EVA-01, fused with the Lance of Longinus to form the Tree of Life, as a Lilith substitute to enact Instrumentality alongside the EVA Series and use them as immortal bodies for themselves. This seems corroborated by the fact that they got upset when EVA-01 got an S2 engine (it would need one to be their "Ark", which means they weren't planning to use it as such), by the fact that the EVA Series do have S2 engines, and by what one of the members of SEELE says before Instrumentality starts ("Our numbers are insufficient, but this will have to do"). They were probably planning to have as many EVA Series as there were members of SEELE, and there are more than nine.
Yui's version centered around getting an S2 engine, getting all restraints on EVA-01 permanently lifted, and getting access to the Lance of Longinus. It is possible that she actually needed SEELE's ritual to be performed, too. The end result is that once Shinji rejects Instrumentality, she retakes control of EVA-01, destroys the EVA Series, and sets off to roam the stars as an immortal being. It is actually unclear whether or not Instrumentality actually needed to happen for her to achieve her goal.
Gendo's version would have been pretty straightforward : empower Lilith by reuniting her with Rei, who carries her soul, who would also have fused with Adam, and who would have obeyed Gendo's orders and carried out his scenario. It seems Giant Naked Rei also needed for EVA-01 to fuse with the Lance of Longinus to form the Tree of Life, which was also part of SEELE's plan. This seems to be the reason why Gendo had to go along with SEELE's plans for so long, and wait for that particular moment, to get things started. Essentially, Gendo's version of Instrumentality is the one that happened, except there would be no Shinji at the helm to reject it, as Rei wouldn't have surrendered control to him.

Humanity rejects me and I don’t give a shit as long as there’s roof over my head and food in my belly!

it feels bad, user.

>Yui's plan was what we got in EOE, a chance for humans to come back from Instrumentality as individuals.
That's the reason she sold Fuyutsuki, yes, and since he was in love with her, he was dumb enough to believe it. At best, it was a neat side-effect of her plan, and nothing more. The actual goal, which she achieved, was her becoming some kind of immortal God. Remember Giant Naked Rei gets her throat cut open from the inside BEFORE Shinji makes the decision of rejecting Instrumentality. Odds are, Yui didn't need him to make that decision and would have gotten out fine on her own, it was just a bonus.She's not a monster, just incredibly narcissistic. She's fine with destroying the world to achieve her goal, but of course it's better if the world gets a chance to heal and be rebuilt. But it's not needed.

you still feel lonely. instrumentality does not cure the human condition its a singularity of the human condition.

>She's not a monster
That's very debatable. She had no way ot knowing Instrumentality would be reversed. If Gendo hadn't plotted to hijack SEELE's plan for Instrumentality by using Lilith, SEELE's plan would have succeeded. For Gendo to intervene, Gendo needed :
- not to be dead (he could have died at any point, and even at the very end, Ritsuko could have easily killed him)
- to successfully obtain Adam' embryo (Kaji could have been killed by the Angel before he delivered it, or could have simply not helped)
- Rei to be around (and the Rei he got was the very last one. Ritsuko could had been a tad more spiteful and killed the last Rei).
Even once Gendo intervenes, for Instrumentality to be reversed, Rei, who seems to be in control of it to some extent through Giant Naked Rei, would need to decide not to go through with Gendo's plan. It isn't clear whether she could have ended Instrumentality herself, but she still needed to :
- disobey Gendo (which she wouldn't have done if he had treated her better, like a person instead of a tool)
- hand over control to Shinji (again, there was no guarantee there).
Finally, once Shinji got in control of Instrumentality, he needed to wish for it to stop. He only barely did so, in fact he started by explicitly allowing Instrumentality to begin.
There is no way that Yui knew that all of these things would happen in just the perfect to get rid of SEELE, reverse Instrumentality AND allow her to become a God. And everytime Yui acts, it is to further her goal to become a God, and nothing else (getting absorbed by EVA-01, refusing to leave, acquiring an S2 engine, lettig Asuka die, not fighting the EVA Series, emerging from Giant Naked Rei, deactivating the Eva Series and setting off into space).
So, we can conclude she only cared about becoming a God. She didn't know Instrumentality would be stopped, she didn't even know SEELE's plan would be derailed, she might even have been olay with it succeeding for all we know.

Ironically enough, if Gendo's scenario had succeeded, he still wouldn't have been reunited with Yui. As EVA-01, she seemed to be the ONE soul who could choose not to be included into Instrumentality, possibly because EVA-01 was its catalyst, since we see EVA-01 moving before the souls are freed.