Why Oda fails writing post timeskip Ussop when Toei made two godlike scenes in the last two movies with him? Are you telling me Toei writers are better than Oda?

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Sanji was built for Big Marimo Cock

Oda hates Usopp.

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>Are you telling me Toei writers are better than Oda?

Elbaf soon

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Loli Boa does things to me.

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Endgame right here, brothers

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soon usoppbros

>Big Marimo Cock
all 3 centimeters
Is he legit here?

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Oda said he hates doing things in the manga that have already been done in movies, they probably stole the ideas from him

>It's a Sabo chapter

Have you seen how they're salvaging Wano with filler? Granted they're also ruining the fights with DBShit but still even tradeoff I say.

The only bounty jump that makes no sense is crocodile's

This is the best panel in the past 4 years
not because of the implied rape, but because their noses are cute

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Bonney is moe

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He said Aokiji appears too and something going on with Carrot that would make her fans happy. Also something bad happens relating to Shanks even though we don’t see him in the chapter.

Oda fails at writing everyone PTS.
Wano takes up over a tenth of the entirety of the manga. Knowing this, how much did each of the SH contribute and develop during Wano?

Cross makes more sense than Hancock or Teach considering he's part of an alliance that literally put bounties on marines.

Didn't this guy post fake spoilers last time?

if he personally wrecked all 10 buster call ships would it satisfy you

The brown loli angels are coming to kill us. We need someone to sacrifice themselves so that the rest of us can flee.

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So he said carrot fans would be hapoy because its another no SH chaoter which means another week of hopium

Post Cute and Canon

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No, that's just Yamatroons coping

>Carrot that would make her fans happy.
So not joining, it's over Carrotbros.
Maybe she's creating her own crew, which still sucks because we won't see her often.

Bellamy confirmed.
Trannies and furries BTFO.

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Kek the desperation

>Knowing this, how much did each of the SH contribute and develop during Wano?
Almost like the story isn't just about the strawhats?

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Make your bets. Both carrotfags and haterfags are welcomed

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>another day..
>another thread..
>another moment of no op spoilers…

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Thank you for spelling out the issue.

She appears on the Sunny in this chapter as a cliffhanger.

I genuinely try to blackpill myself, last time I expected her it was for1058, and I fell off so goddaman hard, I don't want to be crushed again by hope


Carrot says goodbye to the SH in another flashback?
Why did we leave Wano if we have dozens of flashback about it 2 chapters afterward?

I just want them to be happy

user that’s fake.

Can you all stop falling for fake shit?

Long as we know she's in it, I'm feeling good.

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Leave her to me
Tell everyone that nothing happened

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No. He is a well known troll.

Source about him talking about Carrot and fans? I found nothing

is Ado the best One Piece girl

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