Monster Correction

Now that your favorite monster girls are more humanoid, you can persue an actual relationship without it being degenerate!

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It's a great series..

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Absolutely disgusting.

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It's fixing monsters... What's not to like?

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the only upgrade.

>Can't hug and play with her hair while riding her
What even is the point?

Anything is a upgrade for horse ass. But yeah, at least now it's not hilarious thinking she is some noble knight fighting with a sword with a huge horse back coming out of her.

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Now she's just your regular roastie...

>regular roastie

Strange... That's all the character was to you? Hmm... Seems like you never liked HER at all.

I hope you die in real life

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Thank god for no more horse cunt. Now, she is just a pretty buxom blonde. Life has improved.

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Correct I did not really like Centorea because I know that Polt is better.

They're not broken, user. There's nothing to "fix", except maybe centaurs but

The horse ass can be fixed with centaur legs.

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Yeah... Furrys/anthros like Polt are cute too. I agree.

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Polt is a cutie.

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Always remember, anons, the monster is on the outside and it's best kept that way.

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it's hilarious but horse is the only one who gets hard improved by this
>Lamia gets nerfed into a common thirsty gf
>Harpy becomes a full on special needs child
>Spider's tier is too high for her form to matter
>Slime gets hard nerfed by losing 50+ personalities and becoming special needs child v2
>Dullahan gets nerfed by losing her other side and devolving into a common chuuni nerd

satyr, fuck


Spider could be a excellent secretary or bdsm.

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Remember... All miscegenation is wrong no matter if monster or not.