What do you think he squandered all his money on?

what do you think he squandered all his money on?

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Donating to charities.

probably pachinko like most japs

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whores and blow

Didn't watch monogatari but I've heard a lot of praise for this character, what makes him so praiseworthy? What's good about this character compared to other manga characters?

Hedi era Saint Laurent pieces or perhaps Burberry

He has the look of a gunpla man

A woman, probably someone in the occult club in the university he attended.

What a fucking simp

He's unapologetically himself. in the series there are several occult specialists, he is the one with the most interesting and nuanced outlook. He's a villian but nothing he says is disputable.

He's a con artist and initially an antagonist, and a chronic liar.
It's mostly his presence that makes him stand out. His voice, his personality, it's all an endearingly dry witticism.
Although seemingly immoral, he does have moral systems and keeps his promises. A deal is a deal, after all. Nothing is true to him, but he still manages to have people he likes and he will bend his mind backwards to justify helping them out.

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Good fashion sense
Nice voice
Great character BGM

>the only other male adult character in series after the first one disappears until the end of the adapted material
>get a narrator who at least pretends to have his shit together after having 3 teenage narrators in a row who aren't all right in the head
>the part where he's in the restroom and has to make up a reason on why he should help out Crab is one of my favorite scenes in the series
Personally kaiki isn't my favorite character and someone can probably give you a better answer

he's the embodiment of neutral evil in terms of d&d alignment. all he cares about it his own wellbeing and personal wealth, and he's willing to use whatever means necessary to trick people out of their money. he feels that it's just as much their fault for being gullible as it is his for being deceitful, so he needn't feel guilty, it's just the natural way things play out in the universe. later he actually does have a "redemption" arc, where he's now dealing with people who know his tricks and could fuck him up if he tries anything, and they refuse to pay up front until he actually solves their problem, and is therefore forced to be genuinely helpful. by the end of the arc though, he realizes that the only way the problem can be solved is with someone's death, and so he sacrifices himself to save them, which would've been completely out of character in his previous arcs.

Is it just me or is Araragi completely useless
Even his sister suffering from a bad fever beat the shit out of him
not to mention being killed daily by Nadeko

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go back to your shounen threads, moron.

no u

he solved her problem though, along with everyone else's. he is by definition not useless, in fact quite useful. but the reason we love him is his personality, not his utility.

He's a loser who only seems smart to dumb teens and teen-brained people like the fandom.

One of the big things in Monogatari is that it's constantly messing with what the reader thinks they know. Kaiki is fascinating because he's a self-proclaimed liar, but the more you see of him, the more obvious it becomes that he's correct. Except about half of his lies are just lying to himself, so it's very hard to tell what's actually true about this character and what he just thinks is true.

People can't save people. People have to save themselves. All Araragi did was put a band-aid on their problems long enough for them to fix themselves.

Adultered cocaine and cheap prostitues

From the looks of the screenshot I'd say copious amount of bubble tape.


I've finished reading Bake vol. 2.
It might have to do with the fact that the stories originally got published in magazines instead of a collected volume, but I hope Araragi will eventually stop reminding the reader about all the oddities he's encountered and who Oshino is. We get it already.
Also, the translation doesn't seem to replicate Nadeko's speech pattern (which she WILL eventually drop) of using her own name instead of a pronoun.
Time to read volume 3 and end Bake, I can't wait to read Kizu since novel readers claim the adaptation removes a lot of internal monologues (I already know about the "I want to be a plant" thing).

he puts it into a diversified trustfund so that his daughterfu monke can go to a good university and have a good life in the future. also pays off her sexual assault victims and harrassment lawsuits.

yes. that is the point. blah blah they have to save themselves he cant save them
watch the sodachi arc and get the point hammered into your skull agressively