Has some of the best characterization in shonen even today

>Has some of the best characterization in shonen even today

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nice bait thread

Hokuto no Ken is basically a soap opera where everyone is brother/sister/adopted relative to everyone else, 80% of the male cast simps for Yuria and there are retcons every 4 chapters
Still a cool manga, even if I find Hara's paneling very bad

>le stoic strong guy
>good characterization

is a great character but is not the Best

Bat is so hot

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give up, OP. No one here is cultured enough to know about this series beyond the omae wa mou shindeiru memes

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That's right

Unironically yes. If you don't like it there are enough low T doormat MCs that attend your personal taste.

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fortunately all Hara MCs after the original HnK ended are less stoic and more like madlads similar to Joseph Joestar

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Where is Joe?

>almost every villain was a cackling serial killer
>most good guys were stoic dudes
>pretty much no character progression

FotNS was fun, but the characterization was paper thin.

>I killed my master
>so I declared a war on love
>wait a minute, I love love
I get it, he’s memorable, but you have to admit that Souther is not the best characterized villain ever.

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ashita no joe predates FotNS, dumbass

How many of these have full manga TLs

Most of them are fully translated. The Maeda Keiji one is abandoned despite being Tetsuo Hara's most memorable work that is not related to Hokuto no Ken though

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Time for some weird take. I think that Kimetsu no Yaiba is the closest modern shonen got to the HNK, and this is mostly thanks to the last arc. On one side you have a protagonist who indiscriminately kills his enemies while feeling compassion for them, and on other you have villains who usually had some kind of reason for being that way. And the last arc where everything goes to the shit feels very reminiscent to the last part of HNK run (Raoh part not whatever came later) in that bitter sweetness where lots of good guys die (Toki, Fudou, Juza on HNK side, almost every Hashira on KnY side) and there is some kind of side effects (Yuria will probably die soon, everybody who used mark will also probably die soon too). Main difference is of course that Raoh is one of the greatest antagonists, while Muzan is more of shitposter, and different personalities of MCs.


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