To anime/manga fans who've watched/read 1000+ of products. What is by far the best anime/manga you've seen/read?

to anime/manga fans who've watched/read 1000+ of products. What is by far the best anime/manga you've seen/read?

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There's no way I would ever be able to pick one.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Fate Zero
Steins Gate
Attack on Titan

Would be my answer few years ago.

Spice and Wolf
Rozen Maiden
Code Geass
Samurai Champloo

Would be my answer like 5 to 10 years ago.


Would be my answer like 12-14 years ago.

Our taste change mate. How do you want to compare Slayers and Outlaw Stars, Macross Frontier or Evangelion in one big bag?

Do you like NEEDLESS more or Killa Kill or Gurrenn Lagann?

You keep watching. And ejoy.

The ones that stuck with me :

Dragon ball
One Piece
Detective Conan
Fate Zero
Golden Kamui
Kouya ni Kemono
Chainsaw Man
Vinland Saga
Lupin III

These are the ones I often think about.

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Shonenshitters, get the fuck out


Oh noes. Im so smart. I watch smart stuff like Monster or Paranoia Agent and Im so above rest of the world.

Faggot. All anime was made to be enjoyed. There is no higher moral ground here.

Akira. You've probably never heard of it. Pretty underground, artsy film.

Monster and Paranoia Agent are shonenshit tier.

I'm sorry I like things for young men.

Giant Robo the OVA is my personal favorite anime but that's partially because I'm a mechafag, and I can see people calling it shit for having a non-ending. Others that come to mind that I might call the best are Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Madoka, Kara no Kyoukai, Girls Und Panzer, and Tetsujin 28 (the 2000's remake), but it's all a matter of personal taste.

As for manga, no way I could ever pick one. Off the top of my head, manga I find particularly memorable are Yonakano Reiji ni Harem wo, Kodomo no Jikan, Ai Kora, Last Game, Shadows House, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, I Was Rejected By The Succubus President, Lotte no Omocha, 2.5 Dimensional Seduction, and Kaiji, but that list can easily change depending on how my memory is.

>Would be my answer few years ago
Try 10 years ago my man, aside from that I would agree if OP didn't ask for people who already saw/read 1000 tittles, but then again he is a faggot for making a blatant rec thread.

Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli unironically, has the best animation and story telling. The fact that they don’t have to resort to fanservice and cheap titillation proves as much.

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"Best" is a stupid word when talking about stories
I'm 28 and have been watching anime & reading manga for 20+ years, there's no way that something that I saw last year could compete in my mindscape with something I elaborate for a decade, and the answer I give today may change in the future; old masterpieces seems better than modern masterpiece because they've been masterpieces in our opinion for longer.
If by "best" you mean "the first thing you visualize when talking about great anime"
My favourite series is Maison Ikkoku, my favourite movie is Takahata's Kaguya-hime and my favourite manga is Devilman

Plus, no 3D female who happens to visit your home, will think you are a creep for having a copy of that on your coffee table or for having Porco Rosso on Laserdisc.

Pokeman children stfu.
If you didn’t grow up watching fansubs on pirated vhs then you are like a baby

Ah yes
If you read a book in PDF form instead of soft, fragile paper you cannot comprehend the words written like me, the old way(tm) guy

>If you read a book in PDF form instead of soft, fragile paper you cannot comprehend the words written like me, the old way(tm) guy
That is 100% correct though.

Im pretty sure you are below 17 years old.

Most of adult anime fans usually won't waste time desperately trying to offend everyone around them. Boundary between anime being Shounen or something else is irrelevent.

First and foremost you should care whether anime is fun or not. I watched silly girly stuff and i super enjoyed it (Ouran Host School, Chobits, Toradora) despite watching mostly shounen stuf.


Dragon Ball.
This cringe dude should die.

The opinions of people who have consumed 1000 things aren't any more valuable than someone who has consumed 100 things, because it doesn't matter past a certain point. The person who consumes that much probably remembers a very small amount of them anyway.

A movie is not a book
Every movie not watched on a cinema screen is a distortion of the original product
Books are words one after another

No child. I am old enough to be your father but I spent the 90s jacking off to japanimation.

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Hunter x Hunter
Ping Pong the Animation
3-gatsu no Lion
Welcome to the NHK

One Piece
Hunter x Hunter

honestly once you reach 250/300 picks your favourite hardly change, you might have one or changes in your top 30/50 per year and it becomes really hard for newer shows to even enter your top, specially beacuse your top 10 hardly has to do with the product itself but more with the post-consumption and your own story with the product

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Let's hear you picks then, oh wise one


Hunter x Hunter in terms of writing is still THE BEST piece of Japanese fiction. And the flawless Madhouse adaptation is just icing on the cake.

Crayon Shin Chan
Lupin III
Haibane Renmei
Ranma 1/2
FMA Brotherhood
Gakkou no Kaidan
Dragon Ball

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Just started one piece yesterday, reached chapter 100 or so and i thought it was neat.

Unironically Legends of the galactic heroes

5 centimeters per second.
Ping pong
Welcome to the NHK.

I'm so tired of shounenshit or shows far removed from reality. Even if it's just shit like playing ping pong or being a neet I prefer it when the characters seem like humans and face realistic scenarios.

Boku no Pico obviously.

>FMA Brotherhood
You are either lying about your age or burned your brain in the '90s

>Welcome to the NHK
No thank you