>this show is actually great
Wow, wasn't expecting that. I was curious about it because of all the good voice actors in it. Season 2 was a bit of a slog but Season 1 was excellent. Are the later seasons worthwhile at all?

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I don't remember a single thing about this show.

Haha, that's crazy dude. Thanks for being here

>Are the later seasons worthwhile at all?
No. Lostorage is meh at best and the other is idolshit.

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Not really, the first season of Lostorage is complete dogshit and the second part is much better but is still below Selector.
The final of Spread is also conclusive enough to end it there.

that's too bad. I bet the threads were fun during infected at least.

It was bad.

They are worth watching but are too complicated for the average Okadatard to understand.

Is it yuri?

They were, especially when incest happened

>it's pronounced Wicross

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It was only great when we still had hopes for Ruuko going full evil BATORU mode at the end, but it went the boring friendship route. Still good, just disappointing it played things safe.

Only watched selector. Thought it was alright, I was enjoying it but it really did feel like the writer was copying Madoka, especially with how it seems to just come up with new ways to kick the characters down. Didn't watch spread because I wasn't that into it and spoilers I read sounded really dumb like they didn't really know what they were doing so they just doubled down on ripping off Madoka.

The show fell apart at the end of season one when they pussied out on making the protagonist a sociopath. They couldn't maintain the mood of the majority of S1 after doing that, because the wild card was gone.

can you answer the age old question?
battaru or battoru?

a k i l u c k y

>tfw I want to fuck piruruk poster is dead
I miss the threads.

I want to fuck Piruluk.

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Best backgrounds

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>Are the later seasons worthwhile at all?
Hell no, only Selector is worth watching
Lostorage is mediocre
Diva-a-Live is utter shit

>copying Madoka
more like improving

This anime is totally different from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I have absolutely no idea what the game rules of this Trading Card Game are, this animation is just a simple turn-based battle without any strategy at all.

Who doesn't?

after you finish selector, just stop. Lostorage and everything that came after is dogshit