Are the rebuild movies really that bad?

Are the rebuild movies really that bad?

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Sex with comatose Asuka!

Yes. They're on par with the rest of Anno's filmography.

No idea, I haven't actually watched any of them because I already anticipated they would be shit when the first one was released and didn't want to get emotionally invested.

yeah they are pretty bad.

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They're amazing, on par with original Evangelion anime.

I'll just say this. They are the Rings of Power compared to the Lord of The Rings.

Asuka's flapjack tiddies...

They're on par with Asuka's small tits. And that's saying something.

The original series was better but the rebuilds have their own good parts desu.

They're the Lord of the Rings compared to the Ring of the Nibelung.

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They're better than the OG series. Only hikkiNEETs would disagree.

yes it was awful.

the fact anno has no further job offers is kinda telling

once he dies all hell will break loose, netflix, hulu, hbo, amazon, and disney will start a bidding war for who gets to make a shitty live action adaptation starring capeshit actors
>shinji: tom holland
>misato: gal gadot
>ritsuko: scarlett johansson
>gendo: joaquin phoenix
>rei: billie eillesh
>asuka: millie bobby brown
>kaji: ryan gosling

Only 3.0+1.0 is pretty good but that's just because it's got the same message and finality as End Of Evangelion, just more optimistic. The rest of the movies are meaningless action crap with bland versions of the og characters

They're okay, there's some good visual thrown thoughout them and Shiro Sagisu does amazing work with the music as always, but NGE and EoE are far better overall. The Rebuilds don't have time to explore each character like NGE did due to the nature of being 4 films, so it relies quite a bit on already having an understanding of their characters. 3.0+1.0 has some cute moments and is more outwardly positive than EoE was, but the ending doesn't feel deserved and they handwave a shit ton of lore concepts at the end of the film just to have the crazy visuals.

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nah. wagner's got some great tracks, but holy shit get that man an editor.

1.0 is good, since it's basically a copy-paste of the first few episodes with a lot more budget, and operation Yashima is actually cool.
2.0 is fanservice followed by garbage.
3.0 is pure garbage from start to finish.
3.0+1.0 is just a feel-good version of EoE, which actively harms it, mixed in with even more garbage.

Shinji x Asuka is the canon ending to the canon original series

Rebuild is the wacky spinoff for zoomers

They deliver.

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I didn't like them but going on the journey with Any Forums was worth it

White washing isn't allowed, only non-asian will be asuka (who will be black)