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Do you think they will reveal Shinji as the mastermind of everything in episode 12? Also, will Mizuki ever actually do anything useful?

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>will Mizuki ever actually do anything useful?
She was using a gun in the last key art, so if previous key art is any indication, she will barely appear.

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Mizuki is the mastermind and it will be the most obvious twist ever

Also, I still can't believe no on has made a webm of Takina kicking Majima in the face yet

People also said Walnut was useless before episode 11 aired. Mizuki's time will come.

Yoshi's secretary will be more useful than Mizuki by the end of the season, since her VA said her time to shine will be soon. Let that sink in

I feel like the 2 thread system is actually better

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It also demonstrates the actual popularity of the show since non shitposting threads are always much slower. While half of the posts in the other thread are majimashitposter.

Walnut was useful but why did she have to do that only right before her flight??

For dramatic purpose.

I hope the other thread won't die and the shitposters stay there. Let this be the thread with actual discussions.


>no on has made a webm of Takina kicking Majima in the face yet
They have though?

Walnut was very useful throughout the series by providing intel during missions and looking for information outside of missions. Mizuki has done nothing at all other than drive the car, put a bug on Jin, and complain about not being married. This was the case even in the LN.

Believe in Majima.

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He WILL impregnate Chisato.

So Shinji has super strength too?

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>already giving up in his own bait thread

I groaned out loud when they spent a full minute to hype up his grand plan, and the grand plan, as always, was just DA being incompetent. I will never get how an organization like that managed to operate in secret for so long.

Majima is one of the weakes parts of this show for sure

So majima wasn't a genius for surviving but just has very good hearing. How the fuck did he survive that rocket in the face then

I think the writer is not suited for this kind of story. He doesn't know how to make the bad guy actually smart, so he needed to make other characters retarded instead. He's at his best when he's writing SOL/monster of the week stuff.

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Keep in mind that our goal it to make this thread hit bump limit in less than four(4) hours.

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Go to the majima thread

That Chisato is very thirsty for Majima's cock.

More like THE weakest part