Kanojo mo Kanojo


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Shino is so fucking flat

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She will NEVER be Kanojo.

Apparently there's going to be a "big" announcement on Friday. S2 perhaps?


Double teen-pregnancy.

This page is a masterpiece

I hope so. Though I just remembered from this thread that I forgot about this series for a bit. Time to catch up!

I hope so. I'm not a salesfag but the bluray had abysmal sales from what I remember, so I'm not expecting much

Nagisa a best

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Kanokari also had mediocre BD sales but still got a season 2. Most likely due to the manga boost but also because of merch sales and streaming. Even Nagatoro got a second season despite flopping in Japan both streaming-wise and sales-wise.

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Shino kanojo SOON
Shino kanojo SOON
Shino kanojo SOON
Shino kanojo SOON
Shino sex SOON

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Swimsuit was a edit?

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Look how badly drawn it is, yes. Why would Shino not get naked given the chance anyways.