He is down bad after sanctions, leaked video from moscow


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anime and manga?

Oh he still loves banana


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Isekai soon

Since this is the off-topic thread that's about to be deleted in 3 minutes, I've always wanted to try these vending machine coffee cans

enjoying freezing to death having no power

Why did Putin monkey become a thing even?

Jannie cant take a joke

Kek i posted this on a hahaha

Ride on King


>Void Soros
>Ubik Schwab
>Conrad Gates
>Some random post-wall roastie politician for Slan

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Russian janny on Any Forums being a thin-skinned retard

Moving to Russia is the closest thing to Isekai you can experience.

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we got boss coffee in australia recently its super underwhelming. just pour a regular iced coffee into a clean aluminium can, it tastes exactly like that

Ukraine war anime when?

banning Any Forums will clean up the site

They already made a manga on the Ghost of Kiev

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Didnt read, op is a fag.
Clean it up janny

Fuck All Russian Niggers

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It's better than all the milk shit, it's not a regular iced coffee you tasteless pleb, it tastes like an actual cold coffee you might brew at home which as far as the competition is concerned is much tastier. But the point of the boss cans is that they only cost a fucking dollar and you can get them from anywhere because vending machines are everywhere, hot or cold depending on your mood. Dumbasses importing shit that increases its price, and is not delivered in the same way too.

Um, vatnikzisters won't like that


>posted from mobile

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Just adapt Ace Combat you fucks.




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