He stops believing in his ideals in all three routes

Tell me where I'm wrong.People think it's only heaven's feel but it's all routes. It's only how honest he is in each. In Fate, it's obvious his desire to see Saber again is what's fuelling him and UBW he basically admits it's hypocritical but follows it nonetheless because of he sort of views it as a gift from his dad and tries to balance it out with his personal life with the bed wetter.

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He believes his ideals are wrong, but they're still correct.

Obviously not, since the first one is a prequel.

>He believes his ideals are wrong, but they're still correct

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>He believes his ideals are wrong, but [his ideals] are still correct
reading comprehendo

Shirou's ideals are just a cheap childish imitation of what he thinks Kiritsugu wanted. It's only after his experiences in each route that he actually develops his own.

Hi Shirou. Don't you have to save some shitskins in a desert somewhere?

Sakura >>> everything and everyone

t. Shirou
t. Nasu

Is that why archer completely forgot about her?

He doesn't, he simply refines them. Like a sword.
Each route has swords that symbolize the entire route.

Fate - Caliburn. The pure, golden sword of ideal that has shattered once it's users betrayed it and themselves. Shirou projects it, as if shining the light of his ideal in Saber who had doubted in it.

UBW - Kanshou and Bakuya. Ying/Yang, balance. Rin is the opposite to Shirou, but less extreme. She says herself she won't do anything unless it's fun, yet she still goes out of her way to save Shinji at the end. Shirou and Rin influence one another, they approach a more balanced and nuanced understanding of themselves.

Heaven's Feel - Swords grown from Shirou's insides, skewering him apart. His ideals in this route are painful to him to uphold and rend him from the inside out. Even though he says he's betrayed them, Shirou has merely prioritized Sakura above saving everyone and endeavors (and succeeds) in saving a lot of people in addition to Sakura at the cost of his life.

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his ideals might be wrong but they're still worth pursuing.

Archer is Shirou who did everything wrong, so yes.

And Miyuverse Shirou plants landmines around the lever to stop anyone from trying to pull it?

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because stay night was a VN with a self-insert protag where the player made choices that decided the route

except you die when you choose the options Shirou wouldn't choose. The dialogue options are more about how much you understand Shirou.

Sakura completely erases Archer's existence, so that's right and correct

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That's an interesting take, but the fanbase is completely adverse to new takes, even if their own that they settled on are headcanon, see >242493062
unfortunately you chose the worst possible fandom of drooling retards to waste your cells on

>literally shitty meme pic with shit tier grammar
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Nah, the pic is wrong in the first place. Miyuverse Shirou is very much the final panel.

Miyuverse shirou is between UBW and heaven's feel with a little of mind of steel.

This pic is retarded. The whole trolley problems postulates there are not other options.
to make.
There is no text box under that answer, you either push the lever or you do not.

>Tell me where I'm wrong
your a wormfag, so you're automatically wrong. you could say the sky is blue and earth itself would turn the sky red just so you are wrong, because someone with such abysmally terrible taste could never be right.