The Witch from Mercury

>saves Fall from the mountain of boring mediocrity coming this season
How does Gundam continue to do it all these decades later?

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This is just the next shitposting thread after "lycoris recoil" ends.

Only one way to prevent that: report and ignore shitposts.

It really helps that they are almost the only ones still doing actual mecha.

/m/echa "fans" don't deserve Sunrise.

Okouchi is a perfect fit for a Gundam series, its crazy to me that its taken this long for him to be put on as writer for one.

damn bro is this halo?

Dunno bro, looks like fujoshit dressed up in a gundam shell.

Would honestly have to try to be worse than the Halo anime to be fair.

First Gundam?

Valvrave or not, you decide!

I wonder if Sunrise will let Okouchi go full retard on this

I hope so

Nowadays an anime will already be one of the best of the season by default by simply being an original that tells a story instead of rely on pandering.

Will this be edgy?

The prologue had a 4 year old girl subconsciously pilot a Gundam and brutally mow down a bunch of other mobile suits. I'd say so

>anime starts with a 4 year old killing a bunch of people

First in a while. Mobile Fighter G Gundam was solid, I remember Seed being more cringey teenage angst than fujoshit to be honest. 08th was enjoyable though, and I have Hathaway’s flash in my backlog after watching a webm of it.

>the mountain of boring mediocrity coming this season
I hate that nu-Any Forums has become so bad that I can't tell if that's supposed to be a joke or not.

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>female protag and female secondary protag
it's shit.

He didn't said all of it, just that a lot of series are boring and that's true. The majority are second seasons of isekai and battle shounen I have dropped. Having maybe three good series among 60 that are airing doesn't make his statement untrue.

>Having maybe three good series among 60
That's literally every single season since the early 2000s. You know damn well what OPs intentions were.