Going in blind I thought this would be a fun slice of life comedy

Going in blind I thought this would be a fun slice of life comedy
Instead it’s generic waifupiss

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yeah im thinking im getting over modern anime

yeah the coming up with clickbait was more engaging than the back to back flashbacks

thats what it is though, the waifu fagotry is just projected on to uncle by his nephew and that bitch he's with. Uncle doesn't actually have romantic feelings for any of the characters and it never goes anywhere, its always a gag.

>slice of life comedy
>generic waifupiss
Same thing.

Might as well shit all over it since it's cancelled. For my part, I was really enjoying it.

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I wanted the nephew to be the MC and thought they would go back and forth between both worlds but who would’ve believed that all of its potential would be wasted like that

Best anime of the season

Yeah it's sad because I think it could be so much cooler. The scenes that aren't related to the women are still great, but there is too much of the same joke about MC being unaware of his potential harem for my taste so I stopped watching/reading it. I even feel like it's weakening the premise that was about him having to go through shit by himself because the world is cruel if you are ugly. Instead, every woman falls in love regardless, even if he doesn't notice. Maybe it will focus more on his adventures later but if I learned one thing it's that most comedy manga are one-trick-ponies.

>since it's cancelled

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Episode 8 is airing on 24th November.

The issue is that every episode continues to be mostly flashbacks and reactions to them. I’d prefer YouTube gags and using magic in ordinary scenarios

He's going to summon the elf to his world and live happily ever after right? Right...?

eh, it's fine. Didn't make me laugh as I thought it would but it still did its job.

Yeah the problem are the real world side characters. They basically turn the series to a youtube reaction video.
What I enjoy to see is Uncle struggling to live in the modern world. It would be ten times more interesting and funny seeing him being alone more often and trying to buy food, order shit online, chat or try modern games only to realise he has to have some not-steam account, needs to be online and that half of the game is missing due to DLCs and that they made shitty remakes of old games he adored and then maybe show a whole episode of content taking place in the isekai. Sadly so far we are stuck with the same jokes, short isekai scenes and the reactions.

>Yeah the problem are the real world side characters. They basically turn the series to a youtube reaction video.
nta. Now that you said this, this actually makes sense. I don't mind much though. Trying new stuff is generally better than your usual bs in isekai.
Besides, what's there to compare? There're barely any isekai worth watching, I'll probably watch/read this series and be done with it. I most likely won't be rereading this in the future.

I mean yeah it's surely still way better than the typical isekai stuff, but that's not a high bar. It's actually the first isekai in many years I even gave a chance and watched for longer than 10 minutes.

I like how half the criticism is "I want more real life shenanigans" and the other half is "I want more in depth flashback things".

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>he doesn't know
user, i...

I literally want both and even said so. What I don't want are the same two similar gag scenes with real world reactions being repeated endlessly.
Otherfag but the anime is just on hiatus because of a covid outbreak in the studio AFAIK.

I want to see him buy a modern console but find out he bought the version with no disc drive.

Not even the best concept can be a good anime with current anime writers, because they only know how to do one thing.
Give up.

Me too. That's the shit I want to see.