Tatami Time Machine Blues

Trailer out


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love the words words words MC

>sonny boy
Safe to say natsume is a fraud this is going to be trash

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The character designs were changed in such a subtle way. You can especially see it on Watashi

Sequels to established classics always leave a bad taste in my mouth

It's more of a spinoff than a sequel. Morimi and Science Saru already showed they can do a spinoff justice with Night is Short.

I'd call this more of a sequel than spinoff considering it involves the exact same main cast and takes place directly after the show

Yeah I felt the same way about that one

>TTG is my favourite anime and ended without loose ends
>Other series drag on and go to shit, I long for the days of self contained stories without endless spinoffs/sequels

I have a terrible feeling about this.

I would say the doll loving gym chad got changed most.

Ozu Ozu Ozu Ozu!

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is yuasa directing?

How many bipoc lgbp blacks will there be this time around?

shingo natsume according to mal

>shingo natsume

it's a movie right?

I think Yuasa is retired no? I heard Inu-oh was going to be his last film. Or maybe just his last at Science Saru?

>I think Yuasa is retired no?
what???? I didn't know that but I guess you're right

The akashi girl seems really different

Aha. He's retired from his position as president at Science Saru, and is taking a break before his next work. Sorry for the mistake

oh. I see. actually I'm kind of glad about that. So now he's effectively a freelance director. I prefer that. I never really liked the look of SARU--his stuff with Madhouse always looked infinitely better imo

I'd expect him to return to Science Saru when he eventually makes a return. And sadly those works look the way they do because of Yuasa himself, he likes flash-tweening.