One Piece

Mihawk will be defeated by his seraphim.
Zorro will then have to defeat the seraphim. This way he will become the worlds greatest swordsmann.

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theory: You need to kill yourself.

I don't think seraphims are that powerful

they're literally impervious to harm if they don't switch from defence mode to speed mode.

Maybe they have something in Common with Bonny


It's an Uta chapter

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>tfw Zoro will never scrub your back
Why live?

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Shit theory

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I had a dream last night that in the new chapter Drake appeared in the Gorosei's office along with Ulti, Page One, Jack, and Yamato.

They then brutally beat up the Five Elders who were incredibly weak, and Drake then appointed himself and his group "the Five Youngsters", and they then had unprecedented control over the whole world.

The reason he did this was because he wanted revenge for the World Government trying to kill him, and he knew these four would screw everything up the hardest.

I also saw this threads reaction in the dream, and everyone was extremely upset and some anons were saying they couldn't stop crying for some reason.

That's the most batshit thing my subconscious has ever come up with.

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Post lolis, Oda said it's ok

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Wtf who did that to her!?

Well user, are you gonna invest in Carrotcoin before it's too late?

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Page One.

How come Fujitora isn't fine with the warlords but he's okay with child slave soldiers from an extinct race being used as robots for the government?

Of course not. The crew's full.

After 6 consecutive years of having antiCarrotfags call us speedreaders, retards, delusional, autists, and everything else, dont blame us for what happens next if she’s actually in this chapter and on the Sunny.

Because robot slaves can be trusted unlike warlords

I'm going to laugh for a literal week if it happens

Sanji is for bullying. And sex.

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Im glad it's Oda writing manga, not you

Etenboy confirmed shnksq spoiler

he's blind so they told him they're all grown up hancocks and he will turn to stone if he touches them

How the fuck do Luffy and Zoro not smell like absolute dogshit?

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My resolve is building up to 20% but I'm still expecting the worst Carrotbros...

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Isn't Drake dead?

tried looking the spoilers up but now FBI raided my home help

No, Hawkins is dead. Drake's too plot relevant to die.

they probably smell like an amphetamine addict after a whole week of fighting

Do robin and zoro bath together when chopper need to wash?

Endgame right here, brothers

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Thanks for the chapter 1389 spoilers Goda

Is Nami a virgin?

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