Can we just admire how great Asuka is? She is awesome! I love her!

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She cute.

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Are fans of Asuka together with Shinji allowed?

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Asuka is a failed wannabe/fake tsundere. Her fans try so hard to ship her with Shinji yet they are too dumb to realize she hated Shinji's existence. Rei is superior in everyway. In Rebuild 2.0 when Shinji thought Asuka was dead he just threw a fit, but when he thought Rei was about to die he was willing to invoke 3rd impact and wipe out all of humanity just to save one girl.

>Rebuild 1.0 Rei won Shinji
>Rebuild 2.0 Rei won Shinji
>Rebuild 3.0 Kaworu won Shinji
>Rebuild 4.0 Mari won Shinji
Asuka was B T F O

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reicucks still salty, uh?

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I didn't like her. Annoying bitch she was.

stop making eva threads
everytime i see one i wanna cry cuz its over
>tfw you will never see another new eva content
its the end of an era bois


Comfy kenas!

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Canon Kenas

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Cute kenas

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No cares about the retardbuilds

Anti-Asukafags always default to rebuild discussion because they implicitly acknowledge that she won NGE/EoE