Weekly Shonen Jump #41 2022 Cont

Who's ready for #42 2022?

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When will one piece end already? I'm so tired of seeing Oda's shitty art on every page of Jump

I think Oda claimed it would end around 2025. Expect him to pull out all the stops, or rather ass pulls.

>Hunter Hunter
>Undead Unluck
>Mashle Magic Muscles
>Kokosei Kazoku
>Witch Watch
>Blue Box
>Super Smartphone
>Aliens Area
>Ginka Glüna

Who's ready for Ginka & Glüna?

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Anonymous Asperger's

What happened to that dragon girl manga everyone kept spamming?

Akane best chapter this week

>The G is silent in Gluna
They're seriously fucking with us

Bakaphone worst chapter this week

blue box finally has sex appeal

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BTW the table of contents last week is real
There was no picture evidence until yesterday though

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Top kek. The manga is not even in danger. Wouldn't this do the opposite to its popluarity?

of course it's real. only retards say it's fake.

a reminder for all retards who haven't noticed it yet, next issue will be out on Monday/Tuesday due to Monday is a holiday in Japan (respect elderly day).

Author died.

It's the comical misunderstanding chapter.

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Ruri? Ruri...

Well AyaTri was on point at least

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Damn. rip

shadow axed