I rewatched all of Madoka recently and considering Magia Record flew past me when it aired, I decided to also catch up on it. What I've gathered from the osmosis back then was that people didn't like it very much, but what exactly is so bad about it? Also, who of the original team is coming back for the new movie?

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Anime onlys didn’t like it because the story just wasn’t good as the original and mobage fags didn’t like it because they went anime original in the end

Not to mention, at times the animation was pretty quality, despite them broadcasting the show at a really slow pace

To be honest I liked the first season, it was the second one that felt like a cheap gacha to me (which it technically is).

That's all? That's reassuring, actually. I got the impression from the noise that it was some kind of total trainwreck.
Yeah, I don't expect anything more either. If I get enjoyable show with that Shaft style, I'll be satisfied.

Magia Record makes heavy use of shit CGI

I can handle bad CGI, what killed it for me was the absolutely soulless story. I only found out after I dropped it that it was based on a gacha game but I wasn't surprised in the least

>I rewatched all of Madoka recently
That's pointless because record isn't relevant plotwise in any way kek.
It's not something you CAN'T watch if you're bored enough, it's... just... lacking...

I liked it. Story and characters weren't as good as the original series of course but it still felt like a "Madoka" production. Music was on-point even without Kalafina and that's probably the most important thing to me after Shinbo. Urobuchi's absence isn't even noticeable, probably because he hasn't written anything decent since 2014. I think Shaft did a great job considering how terrible it could have turned out.

The only people who dislike Reco are those who haven't watched it.

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>what exactly is so bad about it?
Madoka fans hate it because it's an adaptation of the gacha.
Gacha fans hate it because of the original plot.
On top of this, problems with the production of the broadcast version.

All in all, the BD version deserves 8/10. Not perfect, but a quite good work with its own themes and ideas, excellent art and music, and sometimes great animation.
>who of the original team is coming back for the new movie?
The entire main staff.

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But I dislike it because I've watched it?

>If I get enjoyable show with that Shaft style, I'll be satisfied.
You'll get the Shaft style part of that at the very least.

Gacha anime was a mistake. There were so many girls in there that I stopped caring about them all. When you have so many, it's hard to develop their character.
Gacha games have to have tons of shit girls to roll so you're happy when you finally get a good one.

I want to bully Rena

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I think I know who posted this.

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>Oh, gacha! too many girls!
What's the deal with this generation? I just don't get it. Back then it was normal to have 7-10 or even 30 girls in the show - and no one complained.

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Try watching ALL of it.

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Unfortunately, I have watched all of it.

>This generation
Which generation is that, exactly?

>Back then it was normal etc. etc.
Back then no one complained because the options available to the average Western consumer were much lower and the universe of westoids interested in anime was much smaller. Nowadays, anime is much more accessible and viewers can afford to be more selective in what they watch.

If characterization in anime is important to you, the viewer, then you can basically boil everything down to four options: long with good character development, long with bad character development, short with good character development, and short with bad character development. When a show doesn't care to properly develop its characters then why should I, the viewer, give a shit about them? Your tastes might differ, but I know which of these I'd rather watch, and why.

For me, it's a function of time. The older I get, the faster it slips by. I no longer have the patience for vapid nonsense I had when I was younger. If a show doesn't entertain me then it's not worth watching so I'll either spend my limited time watching something else, or pursuing an interest outside of anime.

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Negima was NOT normal. Having a ridiculously huge cast of girls was its core gimmick (and the shota).

Was the strike witches normal?

I dropped it 2-3 episodes
The character designs, plot and interactions were all horrible. Knowing they were derived from a gacha made me lose all interest.

>but what exactly is so bad about it?
Being a waste of time and resources that could have been used on the game. The transformation sequences' quality stepped down to a crawl since 2021 began, to the point the Madoka summer unit released last month had an "animation" made by the game studio itself using Live 2D instead of Shaft.

>The character designs were all horrible

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>comparing the well-developed iconic cast of strike witches to this gacha drivel

how many irrelevant fucking gacha character did they introduce by ep 3?