Solo Leveling is SAO if it were good

Glad this webtoon is going to get an anime soon. It is going to be so kino

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kill yourself

It is more popular than manga nowadays. Shouldn't you get with the times?

solo levelling kind of shits the bed at the end though. yes it's better then SAO, but a pile of literal dogshit is better then SAO so that doesn't mean shit.

>Shits over both of them

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Does SL MC glop women?

What does that matter? Movies are more popular too, should we suddenly turn into Any Forums?
It's off topic, so fuck off.

>It is more popular than manga

Webtoons are allowed here.

How about you post an actual "good "SAO" from Korea" instead of embarassing and insulting Korea like that

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Why are people so retarded when it comes to Korean Manhwa and Music ?. It's like they really cannot separate the good and bad things from Korea

It's gay if gay were gay

I'm not sure what that word means, but the MC is asexual, and there's like 3 female characters that have lines in the whole comic, one is his mom, his sister and some random bitch that used to be strong but retired.

Can Japan even animate the art properly lol

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Solo leveling outside of opening arc, is boring dogshit.

What’s this?

Tbh nuSAO is pretty good, especially the novels. I really enjoyed Alicization and whats been published of Progressive so far. Unital Ring is fun too.

>Constant "Old good new bad" thread on Any Forums
>Still No old good new bad: Manhwa edition even though the Manhwa industry is where "old good, new bad" is truly justified
Gookshills on Nu-Any Forums are faggots


They aren't. Kill yourself.

I would kill myself too if I drew that deviant art shit.

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