Fantasy mecha

Why do so few mecha series try a fantasy setting it’s untapped potential

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Either too much lore dump or not enough. It gets needlessly confusing as a setting

Fantasy is the cringiest setting.

because most of the ones that tried it underperformed due to being more niche than one or the other by itself

What are you talking about? There's plenty of fantasy mecha. It's far from "untapped potential".

Give me 100 examples

mecha + fantasy setting = huge armor lol

That's basically a nomral mecha, just replace technology and electricity with magic and you are good to go.

when are we getting back to mecha anime bros? I miss old times knight mechas.

Because mecha is already 'niche' by itself, there's probably more fantasy mecha than you realise though, try lurking /m/ if you want recommendations.

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I don't know any other fantasy mecha anime aside from Escaflowne.

I have already said this in another thread but I hope mecha, or at least sci-fi becomes popular again, fantasy and isekai are not as popular as they used to be a couple of years ago.
With all the things happening in the world I think it would be a good time to start making "pre apocalyptic" stories.

Mob Isekai, Knight and magic, White Knight Chronicles,...

What? It only takes 4 words: A wizard did it.

I liked Knight's and Magic. I hear Smartphone S2 might be mecha too.

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Mechas are shit.
Fantasy mechas are double shit.

Mecha is a fantasy setting


Season 2 fucking WHEN???

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kys zoomer

Not many, but this is love, it's actually not that good, writing isn't good, got that classic tenchi muyo light heart atmosphere even when the situation is much more dire, cringy humor, echi everywhere, but i loved it, can't help being bias since i loved tenchi muyo too.

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Not an argument.

Because when technology is involved in a fantasy setting, it always boils down to: "if they're this advanced, what's stopping them from building guns or nukes?" Another question people ask would be be: "if technology is superior, why are people still using magic?" Whenever writers try to tackle these questions, they nerf the world building to where mechs are completely redundant and magic is still the better alternative, or magic is nerfed to where it is no longer a fantasy world, but instead, Earth, but with fantasy creatures living in it. It's hard to find a series where it's somewhere in between.